Architecture is not just beautiful spaces for humans to inhabit. It is also the storyteller that shows us where have we been, and how we used to live. It can even predict where might we go and how we may live. It is much more than just bricks and stones. Architecture is not the building, but the connection. It connects the people, and it connects the surroundings. It is a human responsibility, a powerful force that shapes our world.








The museum arises from a San Miguel de Allende, which was part of a Mexican fight for independence. A city that today has a social inequality index higher than the average in Mexico


Around and through the museum, we generate public spaces that provide a social platform that triggers dialogue that would usually remain unspoken. 


The museum stands for social justice, its architecture shelters a nucleus of innovative notions that protest against ideas that hinder development and growth. We understand the protest as a fundamental part of human evolution. It redefines the status quo.